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May 19, 2020


We first met the Burgess family a few years ago when our paths crossed at church. When their son Will was 9yrs old, he became dangerously sick. One day he was a healthy and active child and the next he woke up and cou...

May 30, 2019


October 19, 2018

   Drake is fighting a virus right now.  He started Wednesday with a slight fever, yet his seizures have been very calm.  Sadly over all, he has been very out of it.  We woke yesterday and his fever had broken, or so we thought, and we decided to slip away to the mount...

May 23, 2018

  Everyone is doing well.  Drake has had some highs and lows these past few weeks.  The lows are hard, as they remind us just how fragile his little body is…but the amazing thing is.. the highs are becoming so, so sweet.  Drake is gaining more and more strength with hi...

March 7, 2018

  Drake is struggling a little right now… we made an adjustment to his meds where we dropped a WHOLE dose of sodium benzoate (artificial preservative we have to give him to keep his glycine from throwing him into a coma) which is a HUGE praise report…he is down to only...

February 26, 2018


  Drake is doing really well right now.  He is still loving his new physical therapist, and the improvements we are seeing in his physical and mental awareness are so wonderful.  He is starting to use his body in ways that we have not seen before and growing stronger...

February 3, 2018


  Drake started a new physical therapist (PT) last week.  Our old PT we loved and had been with us since he was about 3 months old, but due to some health issues, she had to stop practicing and focus on taking care of herself.  I was very nervous about starting...

December 20, 2017

    Christmas cards are always a wonderful surprise and we all anticipate the mail each day... but opening the mail to this wonderful donation from a loving family was just over the moon. 

     This family went to the company where one of the parents worked and ask...

July 18, 2017

  Drake’s appointment went really well. We got to meet with the new neurologist and it was so, so nice.  The story of how we got down here is pretty neat and I will have to save that for a later date, but our neurologist at home has trained under the new neurologist (e...

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The Drake Rayden Foundation, was founded by Eric and Tarah O'Sullivan, to bring hope through the gospel, raise awareness and funds for better treatment for NKH, and care for special needs families. 

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