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The O’Sullivan Family

Drake Rayden O'Sullivan

                 was born on October 13, 2016 a healthy, blue eyed boy, weighing 7 lbs 2 oz.  Drake was released from the hospital the very next day to go home to his anxiously awaiting three older siblings.  "He was perfect", soon become the household consensus.  Three days after birth, Drake became very lethargic and would not nurse well.  Eric and Tarah (Drake's parents) took him to be checked at SRHS, where within hours he was transferred by ambulance to Greeville Hospital, and admitted in the PICU ward.  Drake spent the next 28 days there, where his family learned the devastating news....    

Drake's body does not make the enzyme to break down glycine, a basic amino acid, which causes extremely unsafe levels to store in his blood and spinal fluid.  The excess glycine causes severe, uncontrollable seizures that result in brain injury and malformations.  Drake's mutations are of the most severe form, with a very short life expectancy.  There are currently only 500 children living in the world with this disease.  The Drake Rayden Foundation is formed to raise awareness and funds to obtain the research and treatments that are vital to saving Drake's life.  

     Drake's mother keeps a Blog, Your Will, Not Mine, of Drake's journey.

 She posts of Drake's current progress and set backs.  

    "We want Drake's journey, and struggles, to be a journey of HOPE...our hope in the Lord gives

our suffering, Drake's suffering, a purpose... - Tarah

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