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In July 2017, Eric and Tarah O'Sullivan formed the Drake Rayden Foundation

after their youngest son, Drake Rayden was diagnosed at only two weeks old with the rare, terminal brain disease

NonKetotic Hyperglycinemia, NKH.

 After the parents learned of the grim prognosis, and poor treatment, they jumped into action generating vital funds, and establishing partnerships with research facilities across the country to push research forward towards treatment.   A few years later, their precious Vivian Faye would also be born severely affected with the horrific disease.  

Drake Rayden O'Sullivan

Vivian Faye O'Sullivan

Drake and Vivians future have always been uncertain, but our faith in the God who holds their future is steadfast.  He will provide, and we will not stop until we find treatment for children suffering with this disease. -    Tarah (Drake and Vivians mother)  

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