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Year End Giving Statements

The 2021 Year End Donation records

will mail/email on February 28th.


 If you have donated through a third party (ex. United Way, Facebook, etc.) or any Work-Based Giving program, due to distribution timelines, please obtain your records through their platform. 

Please let us know if we can help

you in this by emailing

How do I access my donation records on Facebook?

Note: Desktop versus Mobile App may vary 

To see your payment history on Facebook:

1. Click the arrow in the top right corner on your personal profile page.  (Located on top left for mobile devices).

2. Select the Settings & Privacy menu, and then click Settings. 

3. Click on the Facebook Pay in the left menu. 

4. Click a payment to see your receipt. 

What does “distribution 
” mean?

Work-based giving platforms or third-party processing platforms have an internal period when the funds are in the third parties' possession and waiting distribution to the intended non-profit.  Each platform has a different time-frame for this processing period.  We encourage our donors who utilize this option to obtain their records directly from the processing platform as their records indicate the time the funding has left the donor for the tax donation.  Our records indicate the time of receiving the distribution, which may come at a later date. This is made possible because both parties are working to facilitate a giving vehicle convenient for the donor. 

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