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  • Tarah OSullivan

Ponce Realty Group

We want to say a massive thank you to ALL the

realtors at Ponce Realty Group. This amazing, amazing group of realtors collectively donated $2,800.00 to the Drake Rayden Foundation through the months of April to July! We are incredibly humbled by their support. We know these donations were made by some of the best, most hardworking realtors in the state!

Being a realtor is tough, with long hours and 100% commission, with some efforts going completely unpaid. Please know that we are so very thankful for your donations, because we know how hard you have worked to make them possible.

God is using this team to serve their community in big ways, and our story is just one small piece. We can not THANK YOU all enough for you support, your encouragement, and your efforts in supporting the Drake Rayden Foundation. Your donations will go to further our efforts to fight NKH, and find a cure for this terminal, pediatric disease.

Our son Drake is so very lucky to have so many in this community fighting with him to find a cure.

You will forever have our gratitude for your efforts!!

Thank you,

Eric, Tarah, Birkley, Harper Kate, Rayph, and Drake

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