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Lifeline Partners Spotlight: THE BURGESS FAMILY


We first met the Burgess family a few years ago when our paths crossed at church. When their son Will was 9yrs old, he became dangerously sick. One day he was a healthy and active child and the next he woke up and could not walk. Doctors began running tests, but they could not figure out what was wrong. “We took to social media and asked for prayers for our son,” Kimberly explained. “Tarah was the first person to reach out to us and we instantly formed a connection.”

“As believers, we hold onto hope...and in their story, lies HOPE! The reality is the clock is ticking and this is so much bigger than just Drake and Vivian. You can see a can see a result in a direct way through their lives. And, the Drake Rayden Foundation is paving the way for other foundations. We believe in this! And we want people to understand, even taking a small part will have huge dividends.” Kimberly Newton-Burgess

Their son, Will was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Today, using a holistic approach with diet and natural treatments, Will is very healthy and in remission. “With Tarah’s guidance, I knew God had equipped us for the journey He set before us,” Kimberly said. “We would have never imagined how valuable our new relationship with the O’Sullivan’s would be. No one can understand childhood illness better than families walking through it."

When they started the Drake Rayden Foundation, it really spoke to us," said Kimberly. "The volume of weight they were feeling, really placed a burden on our hearts to help and it was apparent how passionate they were to help Drake. We just formed a real tenderness towards them, and I kept thinking, even with no answers...what would they be capable of unlocking that could help so many.”


Josh & Kimberly Burgess are owners of Carolina Safe Air (they sell and calibrate gas detection equipment) in Spartanburg, SC.

They have 3 children, Will Burgess (12), Maggie Burgess (10), Ian Burgess (17) and a dog named Millie. Josh grew up in Landrum and Kimberly in the low country.

Josh and Kimberly wanted more for their lives and their family. When they started Carolina Safe Air, they knew they wanted to earn extra income and more time with their family. But above all, they wanted a way to invest into their community to make a difference and to give back what God had blessed them with. “We think of our business as an opportunity to share Christ and live out God’s calling,” shared Kimberly. “We try to run our business as an extension of our faith, and no one is more motivated to do something like this than a parent who is desperate to see change.”

"We are proud to partner with the Drake Rayden Foundation. They are a Mom and a Dad just like us, who wanted to care for their kids. They knew nothing when Drake was diagnosed and now they are leading the charge to find a cure and to change the lives of so many.” Josh Burgess

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