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  • Tarah OSullivan

Prayer Jar

Today, as I did my devotional I was reminded of the need for prayer.

Honest, humble, expectant, desperately seeking Father’s will...


I am often guilty of underestimating the power in prayer.

The direct line to the God of the universe.

Intimate conversation with someone who knows my deepest hurts and my greatest needs.

Needs that sometimes I can’t even find the words to form the need.

All too often I write down my thoughts in my journal, spend time praying over each thing, and then close the book and pick back up the baggage that I was supposed to be putting down.

Which leaves me heavy and burdened.


Today, I started a prayer jar.

A physical representation of each prayer, and a constant reminder that I can’t just pick those back up because I have already laid them at God’s feet for His sovereign plans to articulate.

As I wrote the prayers one by one, folded them so they stayed tucked inside protected from little eyes.

I held it between my hands and poured out my heart for each request.


I put it down.


And just as I did, I felt the rest of what that truly should mean when I submit my prayers to the Father.

A trust and peace that He is going to handle them in the best possible way, maybe not the way I thought or anticipated, but my best yes, my best no, and my best steps forward that I didn’t even know I needed.

There is power in the freedom to trust Him and lay it down.


Now as I walk by the jar I am reminded of His promises. Not to give me everything I want, or think I need by submitting my prayers.

But I am reminded of HIS POWER, and HIS PROVISION to work all things together for HIS GLORY and my growth.

Did you catch growth!

I don’t know who may need a prayer jar today. Maybe we just need to be reminded of the power our prayers hold.

Power not to fix what we think is broken, but to fix our eyes back to who was broken for us so that we may live abundantly through Him.


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